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Stock Number: KEW04

Amount: GH¢850.00

Location: Kumasi

Color: White

Usage: Used CAPACITY

Free Capacity: 6.2.Cu.Ft

Overall Capacity: 20.6.Cu.Ft

Refrigerator Capacity: 14.4.Cu.Ft


Door Style: Flat

Color Family: White Handle

Color: White



Stock Number: KEW25

Amount: GH¢10,000.00

Location: Accra

Color: White

Usage: New


Voltage: 240

Alt Model: 257

Insulation: H

Amps: 75

RPM: 3600

Battery: 12V


KW: 18.00

KVA: 18.00

PF: 1.0

Hz: 60


FORD F-150

Stock Number: KEW08

Brand: Ford

Model: F150


Condition: Used

Transmission: AutomaticAutomatic

Body Type:PickupPickup

Fuel Type: Petrol

Engine Capacity:5.4 Liter

Mileage: 195,190.7 km

Color: Brown  

Price= GH¢45,000.00 $11,842.00

Contacts: 0208-179-814/0268-179-814.


Irish Spring Deodorant Soap

Stock Number: KASW01

Amount: GH¢2.70

Location: Kumasi/Accra

Ingredients:Sodium TallowateSodium Palm KernelateWaterGlycerin (Skin Conditioner)Hydrogenated Tallow AcidPetrolatumCoconut Acid. 

Made in U.S.A and Distributed by Colgate Palmolive CompanyNew York, NY 10022.   


Fabuloso Washing Soap

Stock Number: KASW03
Amount: GH¢8.00
Location: Kumasi/Accra
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Removes tough dirt.
Ditr. by Colgate Palmolive  Company
New York, NY10022

Fabuloso Washing Soap

Stock Number: KASW04
Amount: GH¢14.00
Location: Kumasi/Accra
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Removes tough dirt.
Ditr. by Colgate Palmolive  Company
New York, NY10022

Dove Soap

Stock Number: KASW06

Amount: GH¢5.00

Location: Kumasi/Accra 

Pure and SensitiveHypoallergenic beauty cream bar  


Zote Washing Soap

Stock Number: KASW07
Amount: GH¢5.50
Location: Kumasi/Accra
High quality laundry soap and can be confidently be used for washing family clothes.
Pink laundry soap with a minimum fatty acid content of 66%.
Made in Mexico.


Stock Number: KASW10

Amount: GH¢100.00

Location: Kumasi/Accra 

Ingredients:Water softener sodium carbonateProtection agent (Sodium Silicate)Optical brighenersProcessing aidsPerfume. 

Multi Purpose Cleaner and removes tough dirt.


Solar Charger

Stock Number: KASW11

Amount: GH¢80.00

Location: Kumasi/Accra

Provides Power  


Portable power bank for Phones, Ipads and other media devices. Portable and easy to travel with.

Help charge devices in the absence of electricity or during a travelling for 5hours at your comfort.


Listerine Mouth Wash

Stock Number: KASW12

Amount: GH¢12.00

Location: Kumasi/Accra

Listerine Mouth Wash Fresh Burst, Reduces plague and removes up to 97% of germs left behind after brushing.  


Colgate Toothpaste

Stock Number: KASW14

Amount: GH¢15.00

Location: Kumasi/Accra

Colgate Toothpaste Ingredients: Baking Soda and Peroxide Reduces plague, Whitens Teeth and also performs deep clean action. 

U.S.A. Tel: +1347-915-9880/  +1646-479-4728  Fax +1929-263-1136
Ghana  Tel: +233-0541540001 / +233-504-141008 Fax +233-322002832