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Karima Multi Company Limited in conjunction with Karima Shipping Enterprises Inc. (USA), Karima Farms (Ghana), Karima City (Ghana),
Karima Charity Foundation (Ghana), Karima Auto & Shipping Enterprises (Ghana),
Sofo Salaga Enterprise (Ghana) and Karima Educational Complex (Ghana)
will be organizing FREE vacation classes for student from Class 1 to Class 6.
#Subjects: English, Mathematics, ICT and Science.
#Date: 14th August to 2nd September
#Time: Monday to Friday. 8am to 2pm
#Each family is allowed one child into the program.
#The program is for the general PUBLIC.
Parents have to register their wards at Premises of KARIMA EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX.
Registration is based on "first come first serve".
Students must report at 7:30am and classes begins at 8am.
No students will be admitted in the class after 8am.
Every registered student must come with a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser,
4 exercise books.We have right to remove from the program any student who will disturb the teaching and learning atmosphere.
For details and registration call 0506656936



Insha Allah Karima shipping will be lunching its Columbus Ohio office on the 3rd February 2017,
@ Gaskiya Mosque 2892 Neo Bixby Road, Columbus Ohio 43232.

Business will start on Saturday 4th February.
Schedule a pick up by calling, 6145563308/ 6464794728.



A 48-year-old Zongo businessman in New York City, Mohammed Aminu Osman wins the ZONGONEWS PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2016 recognition Award.

Mohammed Aminu Osman began his shipment business in August 2015 in New York City on a very daring and humble instant.
A Zongo businessman in diaspora Mr. Mohammed Aminu Osman currently is the CEO of Karima Shipping Enterprise Inc. which was incorporated in August 2015. Services provided at Karima Shipping Enterprises Inc. does to do with Door to Door shipment from the USA to Ghana whereby they pick goods from customers in the USA and then deliver to their Ghana addresses, Freight forwarding services whereby a whole container can be prepared for interested clients and send to them at their desired addresses worldwide, Auto Auction whereby they buy new, used and salvaged cars for interested clients at the financial capabilities..
Karima Shipping Enterprises Inc. was awarded the best exporter of the year 2016 under the USA Small Business Administration due to the quality of services they‟ve been providing to their clients. It was the first African country to ever win such an award. A Ghanaian and Zongorian established a business which competed with 50 companies and came out as the best. That makes a great history for Africa, Ghana and Zongo as well.The award was shown to the Sarkin Zongo of Ashanti region, the Wangara Chief of the Ashanti region as
an achievement a Zongorian gained.

Follow this link for details






We have come out with affordable plots for sale at New Koforidua Ashanti Region(Kumasi), near Konongo-Odumase on the Kumasi-Accra road, which is just about 35 minutes drive from Kumasi-Kejetia at an affordable price. Our package of plot goes at a very cheap price to enable every individual own his/her land. The size of the plot is 50x80 which goes for only GH¢2,440.00 with documentation costs inclusive.

Terms and conditions of purchase

  1. The person must pay an initial deposit of GH¢500.00, which is 23.8% of the amount payable.
  2. You have a Minimum of 6 months to complete full payment.
  3. Allocation of plots will be made upon full payment.
  4. Any person who purchase the land shall buy it at the cost of GH¢ 2,440.00 covering the plot, pillar fee and all other documentation fees.
  5. You have to apply for the lease of the plot from the paramount Chief of the area. We have an agent who can however help you (developer) with regards to that if you wish so or do it at your own swiftness.

 * Payment can be made in our offices in Ghana or USA-we accept Debit, Credit, Wire transfer, money order or cheque terms.
 *You can also contact us for any building plan of your choice.


The name is KARIMA City (Under Karima Shipping Enterprises Inc.)


Karima Charity Foundation, a Non -governmental organization on the 6th day of December, 2016 donated a number of wheel chairs and walkers to the Manhyia Hospital at Kumasi worth GHc5, 000.00. The donation was made as part of the foundation’s social corporate responsibilities.  

The CEO, Mr. Mohammed Aminu Osman said, it was important to always extend a helping hand to the less privileged , which has to do with individuals and also to institutions such as Hospitals, Prisons and Orphanages which serves as a giving back of the earnings to the society.

"The CEO added that the main reason behind this particular donation came about as a result of a pathetic situation he encounted when he visited  the Manhyia hospital some days ago. As he was on his way to office , he saw an old man who was seriously ill and was brought to the road side, his family were trying to get a taxi  to enable them convey him to the hospital. The CEO then stopped by and picked the sick man to the hospital with his car. When they go to the hospital, they had a challenge with  a wheel chair which is suppose to take the man  inside the hospital for treatment. The CEO then decided to donate those wheel chairs and walkers to the hospitals since he have some of them at his work place"

He also added that, the door is opened to all individuals and organizations for all kinds of assistance.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Manhyia Hospital, Dr. Kamarudeen who is a Medical Superintendent at the hospital an expressed  thanked the team and promised to use the items for the intended purposes.


Call us to pick up your donation

Walk to our offices and donate (Cash/kind)

Send Wire through mobile money transfer # +233(0)549872509

Contact us on 233(0)541540001

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: www.

Posted: 12/12/2016


Karima Educational Complex was established to compliment the Ghana’s vision on education using quality education delivery to accelerate the Nation’s socio-economic development. We (The Management) thought it was necessary to bring into existence the Karima Educational Complex­­­ by engaging school going age in the Asabi catchment areas to contribute our quota to national development so far as education is concerned.

 In our school each class is air conditioned, modern kids play ground and with our favorable learning environment.  Bring your wards for good foundation in quality education and morale upbringing


Karima Civil Engineering is under Karima Multi Company Limited in Ghana, which offers profitable general construction works to both private and public sector. These projects include roads constructions, buildings constructions, Plumbing works, and bridges construction among others.

At Karima civil engineering department we inspect projects to ensure regulatory conformity coupled with ensuring safety work practices.

At Karima Civil Engineering, we always struggle to be better in all we do. We are a knowledge organization and big heartedly share our know-how. Again, we take pride in quality, innovation and critical thinking in all our projects.

 We encourage inclusive cultures where we are open and fair-haired, showing trust and admiration for each other by creating value to build for better society.

We offer other services in the form of sales of segmented plots in other words referred to as Karima City.


Karima Charity Foundation  is a Non-governmental Organization which believes in using education (English and Arabic), health and income generation probability to enhance sustainable livelihoods at individual and community levels. Our programs are based on dedications to promote youth development in all areas of the economy.

  Karima Charity Foundation begun on a low scale in 2010, by reaching out to the less privileged in our deprived communities across Ghana.

We have been able to chalk success by serving some institutions such as the Kumasi Children’s Home, Ahmed Uwaisi Orphanage, Kumasi central prison, Manhyia Local Divisional Prisons and Individuals amongst others.

Our mission is to assist the less privileged in our communities by helping them become responsible citizens through varieties essential life skills training, counselling and outreaches which adds value to them as individuals.

  Karima Charity Foundation is a non-profitable organization where youths are empowered to take reasonable leadership responsibilities and sustained livelihood for the poor.


Karima Multi Company Ltd. is a private owned organization operating a network of five (5) offices in two (2) countries and employing a team of over 40 dedicated individuals. Our office is headquartered in the USA, Bronx-New York and our branch offices are in Pennsylvania-USA, Accra- Ghana, Kasoa- Ghana and Kumasi- Ghana, (Aheneboano and Dichemso)

After its establishment in the year 2005, the motive was to improve and boost the shipping industry in Ghana with the aim of improving and satisfying customers.  Our most main concern is to make available to our clients flexible, reliable and irresistible shipping services of the 21st century. Having a good long-term relationship with our customers is also enthusiastic. We have professional Shipping experts  to meet your shipping needs anytime you need our services right at your door-step. We have served over 2,000 customers and still counting on. This is one of the reasons why our customers feel at ease anytime their consignments are with us because they know and believe we'll deliver as promised. 

We also do Auto Auction, Freightforwarding, sales of car parts and sales of cars amongst others. 


To be consistent partner to our customers and clients sustainability, excellence and constantly striving to improve our competencies to the highest ethical and professional principles. 


To be a leading competitive shipping and logistics company in the country, setting high level standards in the industry within few years. 



To solve your housing needs, Karima Multi Company Limited has introduced affordable plots for sale at New Koforidua Ashanti Region (Kumasi) through Karima City near Konongo-Odumase on the Kumasi-Accra Road; about 35 minutes drive from Kumasi-Kejetia. It is situated in a good-looking area and peaceful environment.

U.S.A. Tel: +1347-915-9880/  +1646-479-4728  Fax +1929-263-1136
Ghana  Tel: +233-0541540001 / +233-504-141008 Fax +233-322002832